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    Let’s look at today’s nationwide review: A Arrow Alignment, Las Vegas Nevada. When you have a 110k car and NEED special Attention.


    Hello Team,

    This is Robert Paisola, I am the President and CEO of Western Capital International and wcilaw.com. For the purposes of this review I am using one of the hundreds of corporate sites that we own. @robertpaisola @worldnewszone @cnn.

    Many of you know that we are business analysts at wcilaw, and we rarely review businesses unless we are in a contractual relationship with them, but this review requires an exception, and These are my personal words as your CEO and President.

    I have a Mercedes SL500 and just returned from my Utah office. I hit a curb and to keep this short had to buy 4 new tires and 4 new rims. In Utah they did not do an alignment. I drove back yesterday and destroyed 2 of the new tires This is what the car looks liked in Utah and the a picture of how it looked after Ethan Soltero was done with it.

    I never did an alignment so I was screwed, I called Mercedes and they said it would be 3000 minimum to fix. Because of reviews like this, I went to A Arrow Allignment. Guys.. I worked side by side with Mr Ethan Soltero, He fix the issue for the tech guys (from 27/32 to 5/32 ) and it is once again the rocket that I bought. If you have ANY DOUBTS, just know that we only deal with the best and (are you ready for this) The price was…… 109.00 NOT 3000 as was quoted by mercedes.

    THIS IS HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS. I a going to write about this incident in my newest book to be released in the winter “Getting to the top… and helping others along the way” Prestige Media Publishing.

    Thanks Ethan Soltero and thanks A Arrow allgnments in Las Vegas NV.
    To your Success
    Robert Paisola
    Western Capital International

    Here are some photos:

    This is the car that I am discussing