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Western Capital Wins Battle using POLICE to get negative review of our clients company removed AND the person who wrote the review (actually their Home Owners Policy Paid 10,000 and the item was REMOVED BY GOOGLE in 24 hours.


Now let’s talk facts.

We have a client based in Salt Lake City, Utah that entered into a contract with a client to do work. (Note the about 7 years ago, I wrote the contract that they still use today) and I can do the same for you.

The bottom line was that the client was not happy with the work he received from my client. Fine, he has a right to complain, that is what feedback is all about.  BUT… he crossed the line.  He started to make accusations against our client that my client STOLE FROM HIM.  He has no proof,but he was an ass and went to google and posted that my clients did bad work and STOLE from him.

Now, here is where you need to listen closely.  Because the guy was pissed off and wrote that review on google, he engaged in SLANDER. What is Slander?

the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.
“he is suing the TV network for slander”
make false and damaging statements about (someone).
“they were accused of slandering the head of state”
synonyms: defame (someone’s character), blacken someone’s name, tell lies about, speak ill/evil of, sully someone’s reputation, libel, smear, cast aspersions on, spread scandal about, besmirch, tarnish, taint; malign, traduce, vilify, disparage, denigrate, run down, slur; informalbadmouth, dis, trash; formalderogate
“they were accused of slandering the minister”

The moment that he accused our client of theft,then we had him.

So, we looked at the laws in the State of Utah and this is what it says about SLANDER..

“A person is guilty of criminal defamation if he knowingly communicates to any person orally or in writing any information which he knows to be false and knows will tend to expose any other living person to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule.
Title 76 Chapter 9 Part 4 Section 404 – Utah State Legislature – › le › xcode › Title76 › Chapter9”

So we filed a POLICE REPORT under this site.

Now, we found out who this guys homeowners insurance was (State Farm) and their homeowners policy says “. ”
We all say stupid stuff from time to time. We say exactly the wrong thing. We hurt people’s feelings. We push buttons. Sometimes we even go so far as to say something so crazy it’s illegal — that’s called slander.

So what if this happens inside your house? What if someone sues you for slander stemming from a conversation in your home — will your homeowners insurance protect you from major financial damage? What about libel, will that be covered?

The short answer to all the queries above is no, unless you make two moves.

1) Sign a personal injury endorsement on your homeowners policy. You are covered this way, it is important to note, only if the act of slander and libel was unintentional. In other words, if you set out to write or say something antagonistic — this is not the way to go. Any statement made in the course of business or performing ones profession i.e. freelance writing would be excluded

Additionally, personal injury coverage is an extension of liability coverage which is not a on-the-premises-only coverage. You may still be covered if the offending statements were made off site.

2) Take out an umbrella policy on top of your home insurance policy.

Umbrella coverage would need to be purchased after adding the personal injury endorsement onto the homeowners policy, since the homeowners policy coverage would apply first and the umbrella policy would only pay loss in excess. Also they would need to verify that the umbrella coverage does actually cover personal injury as not all do.

Umbrella liability actually covers a lot more than slander and libel; it can also provide financial protection against defamation of character, wrongful imprisonment, invasion of privacy and defamation of character taking place in your home. Such a policy can also help cover your defense costs in the case of a lawsuit.

If you do not actually own a home, you still need to purchase a renters policy (homeowners form 4 or HO4) to provide the underlying limits essentially the umbrella’s deductible, which is usually $500K.

Also you should only purchase an umbrella policy if you have significant assets or income to protect. We don’t recommend purchasing extra personal Injury or liability coverage just for the sake of it. The coverage provided by the homeowners and renters should be sufficient for many.

We’ll never be able to fully protect ourselves from saying or writing hurtful things to others. But through umbrella or personal injury endorsement policies, we can, however tenuously protect ourselves against such damages that take place within our homes.

Voila.. The guy had coverage for his conduct.  We submitted the police report from the Utah Police to his INSURANCE AGENT…  We never even had to sue!

The insurance company QUICKLY PAID MY CLIENT 10,000 because he “was emotionally scarred” from being called a thief… and we sent all of the data to Google, including the police report.. and it was REMOVED in 24 hours.  We also threatened to sue Google (we named Google as a participant to the crime in the police report)

As always, we split the money,and we got 5,000 and the client got 5,000

Guys, if you are in business and are being scammed like this guy did to our client, call us now. This works, and all the risk is on us, unless we get the item removed.

If you are a CEO and are dealing with issues such as this, STOP what you are doing,and call me.  If you are a victim of Slander (aka EXTORTION) the best day will be when we talk!  If you have more than five matters, Get me a plane ticket and we will slam this out in a week at your office.  Remember, everything is confidential.

We know the game, we know the formula, we do not screw around and we win. GONE FROM GOOGLE WITHIN 24 hours… YEP

Waiting for your call,

Rob Paisola, 702-219-3624 CELL

ABOUT YOUR CEO, Robert Paisola

Robert Paisola CEO and President, Western Capital International


From Wikipedia 2011 Robert Paisola, (born December 3, 1972), is an American business Motivational Speaker, philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Western Capital. Robert Paisola is the founder of the Robert Paisola Foundation and serves as its Chairman. Paisola is a noted media analyst on the topics of the 2008 Recession, Foreclosure In America, and the business of Timeshare. Robert Paisola is an International Personality speaking around the world on the Principles of The Hit Movie “THE SECRET” Robert Paisola is driven by a passion for people–motivating them to reach for the highest standards of success. As founder and president of many International Corporations including Western Capital and The Success Training Network, and now, Western Capital Multimedia, the parent company of Rene Magazine located at , Robert trains sales and marketing professionals who want to strive to get to the top…and stay there. He is a Nationally Recognized Criminal Rights Activist and is very involved with assisting inmates and their families who have been abused by the justice system. His innovative, no-nonsense approach is based on applying what he has observed in his fifteen-plus years in sales, motivational speaking and debt collection training, thus revealing the common business habits of the top 20% of sales performers in all organizations. While in Mexico, he uncovered a large time share “fractional sales” scam at the Playa Del Sol Grand Hotel. His report is located at: He is also a noted authority on ethics in the Time Share Industry, as evidenced by The Timeshare Chronicles at Robert’s unique approach to solving complex corporate problems works…that’s why New York-based Success Magazine has rated Robert Paisola as one of the top-five most effective sales-training professional in the market today. Robert Paisola’s newest book was just released and is available on CONVERSATIONS ON SUCCESS was co-authored with famed author Dr. John Gray and Mr. Tom Hopkins. His newest book, BLUEPRINTS ON SUCCESS is scheduled for release in 2009. His latest book, SUCCESS SIMPLIFIED, which was co-authored with Dr. Stephen R. Covey will be available worldwide in 2012 Robert Paisola speaks on an International Basis to support his foundation, The Western Capital Foundation. He is also a noted speaker on the topic of Group Dynamics, Change Management, Investing, Real Estate, Asset Protection and Stock Investments. Routinely Distinguished by The National Speakers Forum, Robert is also a regular contributor to Business Week Magazine, XM Satellite Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Telemundo International, National Public Radio and many other organizations. Robert Paisola is also an International Travel Writer and Certified Expert for magazines such as Conde Nast Publications and The National Geographic Society. His award winning investigative reporting articles have gained him worldwide recognition. He remains at Western Capital as a part-time, non-executive chairman.

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