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Dear Investor,
Hello, this is Martin Weiss, founder and chairman of Weiss Research — the ONLY firm in America that rated and specifically NAMED, well ahead of time, the companies that got crushed by the last crisis, including General Motors, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Citigroup and dozens more.
Those who ignored our warnings lost nearly everything. Those who heeded them had the opportunity to make fortunes.
But now our nation’s predicament is far more serious: A great American Apocalypse is upon us.
Insane government spending, massive debts, out-of-control money printing, and almost unimaginable political cowardice are about to exact a heavy toll from each of us.
And now, as these massive debts begin to implode, and as the U.S. dollar plunges in value worldwide, everything in your life is set to change —radically. Millions of Americans are about to lose their income, their savings, their buying power, their homes.
But if you heed these warnings and follow the defense steps I outline in this report, there is still time to protect yourself and your family.
This is a crucial moment for me personally, as well. I founded my company, Weiss Research, 40 years ago to give investors honest analysis of the economy and their investments with no conflicts of interest!
I’m particularly proud of the fact that, since 1971, my firm has accurately warned of every major financial crisis, including the infamous “Bloody Monday” stock market crash in 1987 … the giant insurance company failures of the 1990s … the “Tech Wreck” in 2000 … and the recent housing bust, debt crisis and credit collapse that began in 2007.
As a result, Newsmax said that “[Weiss’s] prediction of the current economic crisis is uncanny.”
Barron’s said, “Weiss is the leader in identifying vulnerable companies.”
And the New York Times said we were “the first to see the dangers and say so unambiguously.”
Now, I have three NEW warnings for you, and the first one is this: Unless our government makes a 180-degree turn …
Just about everything you buy
— food, energy, clothing and more —
will double, triple, even quadruple in price.
And the reason why your cost of living is about to explode is enough to make anyone fighting mad: In the 218 years since the U.S. dollar was born in 1792, the United States has suffered through …
One great civil war that devastated the nation’s finances …

One massive flu pandemic that killed at least 50 million people worldwide, shutting down the U.S. economy, and …

One great dust bowl and depression that left millions homeless and unemployed — the worst U.S. financial disaster of the 20th century.
We have also survived ten major foreign wars and 44 recessions that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of jobs.
But throughout all these disasters, the U.S. government has NEVER abused its money-printing power like it’s doing today!
Like a mad counterfeiter, cranking out mountains of $100 bills to feed America’s outrageous debt addiction, Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke is running amuck.
We are experiencing the wildest Fed money printing of all time, far more than anything we’ve seen in recent years.
For example, back in 1999, when the Fed feared the computer bug would destroy the banking system, Fed chairman Greenspan pumped in what the experts at that time thought was a huge amount of money.
Then, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Fed AGAIN pumped in what the experts said was a huge amount of money at that time.
But now, just look at this chart! Today, Fed Chairman Bernanke’s new money printing makes all those prior money printing episodes look like tiny hiccups by comparison.
The horrific truth is that the U.S. Federal Reserve is now engaged in the greatest money-printing scheme since the Weimar Republic in Germany!
That’s when the German government printed so much money, it ultimately took THREE TRILLION marks to buy a single dollar: When money was worth less than wallpaper and when the seeds were planted for the most destructive war in the history of mankind.
I know it may be hard to believe that could be happening again. But just consider the facts:
From September 10, 2008 through the end of 2010, the Federal Reserve chief increased the nation’s monetary base from $851 billion to $2.03 TRILLION!
That’s an irresponsible, irrational, absolutely insane increase of 138.6% in America’s monetary base in just 27 months …and there’s literally
I will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do in a moment — but for right now, please bear in mind this key fact:
The Fed is STILL running
the printing presses 24/7!
And Fed Chief Bernanke has made it crystal clear that he will CONTINUE burying the world in newly created dollars to finance our record federal deficits!
So, with no real end to this madness in sight, global investors have been
dumping dollars on a massive scale, sending the greenback into a nosedive.
And believe it or not there’s an even more terrifying threat to the U.S. dollar on the horizon:
On February 10, 2011, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) disclosed details of its plan to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency!
Here’s what that means: Right now, the U.S. dollar is the currency used for most international trade and settlements. And because many items sold on world markets can only be purchased with dollars, many countries are forced to buy dollars, whether they like it or not!
But now, the Fed’s massive counterfeiting scheme has the IMF, the United Nations, the central banks of countries from China to Russia, and even the UK demanding a change.
Here’s the big danger: If a new currency replaces the dollar, the prices of just about everything you buy will skyrocket!
Unless Washington makes DRAMATIC changes, the dollar will go into free-fall and light the fuse on the greatest explosion in consumer prices and in your cost of living in our lifetime.
Oil prices, gasoline prices, food prices, all could double, triple, quadruple, or more. You could suddenly find yourself paying more than $11 for a gallon of gasoline … $5 for a dozen eggs … $4 for a loaf of bread … $9 for a pound of hamburger and $10 for a gallon of milk!
This could not be more serious: Skyrocketing food and energy prices mean millions will suffer a sudden reduction in their standard of living. It will push millions of less affluent Americans over the line into poverty and utter dependence on the government.
How bad could things get? Well, you know about the unrest that overthrew Egypt’s government. You saw the chaos in the streets of Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and even in countries that were supposedly among the most stable in the world.
The demonstrators and rioters themselves said that they took to the streets because of the most basic of human needs — FOOD and soaring food PRICES!
We’ve just published
an emergency survival guide
to help you through
and I want to send it to you FREE!
Yes, the U.S. is a far more advanced country with a more democratic government. But this situation DEMANDS immediate defensive action: After all — if you don’t defend your buying power now, it could soon be too late!
That’s why I’ve just published an emergency survival guide to help you prepare — BEFORE this great crisis destroys your standard of living.
The title is The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012 — and in your free copy, we name the investments that are likely to soar the most as the dollar continues to plunge.
Plus, we give you our comprehensive strategy to protect your wealth as the dollar dives. We name the institution that allows you to keep your deposits in any major foreign currency you like — you automatically grow richer when the dollar plunges!
And we give you the best ways to profit from gold — both the yellow metal itself and the shares of companies that produce it.
In your free copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012, you’ll learn what to buy, when and how, plus the pitfalls to avoid with gold and gold investments.
As the dollar declines, I expect these investments to do more than merely protect you. I expect they’ll make you substantially richer!
One of these vehicles, a play on soaring gold prices, can be purchased now for around $475. If gold rises as we expect it will over the next year, you could grab a profit of 376.8%, enough to turn $10,000 into $47,680.
Plus, in your free copy of The Great American Apocalypse, we give you the help you need to protect yourself and profit from an even graver threat …
TWO great debt crises
that are also threatening
America’s very survival.
The first massive debt crisis is the massive implosion of FEDERAL debt that’s now threatening to erode or even destroy your retirement, your Social Security, your healthcare and more:
Our national debt is now over $14 TRILLION. Our annual deficits are running over $1 trillion — year after year and those deficits are growing quickly.
The White House recently admitted that the deficit for 2011 will break all previous records:
That’s right: The 2011 budget deficit will be $1.7 TRILLION!
Yes, Washington bailed out General Motors, Fannie Mae, AIG and dozens of giant banks. But there’s no one on the planet rich enough to bail out America!
Can entire countries actually go bankrupt? You bet they can! And they already HAVE gone bankrupt!
Just a few months ago, Greece literally went bankrupt and was bailed out by richer nations in Europe.
Then, it was Ireland’s turn to go bankrupt, and it was also bailed out by Europe.
Now, this same crisis is spreading to the United States. But I repeat: There’s no one on earth rich enough to bail out America!
So what do government debt crises actually feel and look like?
The answer is clear. They have already caused national labor strikes in Spain, Greece and Italy … massive street protests all over Europe, including Ireland, Great Britain, and other countries … the firebombing of banks and government buildings — and even demands that the government be replaced.
And of course, these debt crises have also caused huge cutbacks in government spending, including massive reductions in retirement and medical benefits.
Some people think it can’t happen here. But if you’re among them, listen to David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Former U.S. Comptroller General Walker is warning that Washington’s debts could sink the economy — and SOON!According to Mr. Walker, “The Greeks engaged in a variety of creative accounting practices, and there were a lot of big and bad surprises that caused this situation to erupt.
“The U.S. has been engaging in a lot of creative accounting for years with regard to the Social Security trust funds …
“Now, we’ve got major creative accounting going on with government-sponsored entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We own a super-majority of them, but we’re not consolidating them into the financial statements. We don’t consolidate the Federal Reserve into the financial statements.
“And so the bottom line is: We’re not Greece. But we could end with their same problems!”
That’s critical: Greece’s problems included crashing stock and bond prices, 18% interest rates, and riots in the streets!
How soon could it happen here? Walker points to 2012!
This great debt crisis
is about to change YOUR life!
You’ve probably heard already about the impact this great federal debt crisis is likely to have on your life.
In fact, at this very moment, Congressional Republicans and Democrats are desperately working on ways to cut federal spending. But they now admit that they can’t fix the problem without putting the biggest items on the chopping block: Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits and more.
That puts millions of older Americans between a rock and a hard place: Either Washington cuts their benefits — in which case their income goes down and their medical costs go up …
Or Washington fails to cut those benefits — in which case the deficit explodes, bond investors go on strike, and interest rates soar like they did in Greece. That’s a scenario that could make it impossible for Washington to meet its obligations to seniors.
Meanwhile, we are now witnessing America’s SECOND great debt crisis, which is even more pressing:
Thousands of U.S. states, counties,
cities and smaller towns are
in even worse shape
than Washington is!
Our state and local governments owe the poor, the infirm and seniors up to $2 trillion more than they can pay. Plus they also owe more to pension funds than they can pay — a whopping $3.5 trillion.
For the past couple of years, the states have been scraping by on billions of dollars in federal stimulus funds, but now, that money is also gone. The day of reckoning is at hand: A massive chain of state and local bond defaults could begin at virtually any moment.
One after another, nearly every state in the country is revealing massive deficits, declaring a financial emergency, and cutting essential services.
There’s no overstating how serious or how pressing this crisis is: Unlike Washington, the states cannot merely print money to pay their bills. Unlike Washington, they are bound BY LAW to balance their budgets each and every year.
But most U.S. states and cities cannot balance their budgets. Decades of gross mismanagement and corruption have left them with only one choice: To cut their budgets to the bone and pray for a miracle.
And that’s precisely what they’re doing right now:
States and cities are laying off police officers en masse. They’re putting prisoners back on the street because there’s not enough money to house them.

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Sacramento and many other cities are laying off firefighters and emergency medical personnel, shutting down firehouses.

Many states, including New York and New Jersey, have refused to pay their pension funds!

Governor Chris Christie slashed New Jersey’s budget by 26 percent. He laid off thousands of teachers, fired 1,300 state workers, and drastically reduced funding to cities and counties.

Illinois recently raised income taxes 67% and it’s still not enough to solve its deficit nightmare.

Also in Illinois, pharmacies have closed because the state failed to make its required Medicaid payments, state employees are being evicted from their offices for nonpayment of rent.

Arizona is so desperate, it SOLD its state capitol, Supreme Court building and legislative chambers and now leases the buildings from their new owner.
As a result, even the New York Times recently warned that, for the first time since the 1930s, we’re likely to see U.S. states default on their debts!
And now, time is running out. The first major state or municipal defaults could explode into the headlines at any moment.
That’s not just my view: On 60 Minutes, analyst Meredith Whitney, who accurately predicted the global credit crunch, predicted that up to 100 MAJOR American cities are likely to go bust THIS YEAR!
Immediate action is required
to protect your money and your family!
Our advice: Use any respite from this crisis to get out of every single investment that falls when interest rates rise. That includes municipal bonds, Treasury bonds, many mutual funds and even annuities.
We will give you specific instructions on exactly what to sell, when and how in your free copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012.
Plus, we’ll introduce you to investments that soar when interest rates skyrocket. One of these is a simple exchange-traded fund (ETF) that is specifically designed to quadruple in value when interest rates double.
Needless to say, these three crises — the dollar’s demise, Washington’s debt catastrophe and the collapse of state and local debt — will create many more financial dangers and opportunities in the weeks and months ahead.
In your free copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012, we reveal how these crises will dash any hope for a recovery in real estate in this decade.
You’ll discover how you can harness this ongoing decline in real estate to go for investment profits of 56%. And that’s just if the real estate outlook gets no worse than it already is!
If soaring mortgage rates and the plunging dollar hammer the real estate market, ALL BETS ARE OFF. You could make much more.
Right now, for instance, with as little as $225, you can buy an investment that’s designed to skyrocket when the real estate sector sinks. With the right timing, you could walk away with profits of 368.9%.
That’s enough to turn every $10,000 you invest into $46,890!
And the best part is, while your profit potential is virtually unlimited, your risk of loss is STRICTLY LIMITED!
We’ll also help you protect yourself and profit
as these three crises trigger a second wave
of major bank failures from coast to coast.
This new banking crisis is so explosive, Washington is doing everything in its power to keep it under wraps. It’s so hush-hush, the Treasury has deliberately spread blatant disinformation about the strength of our banks.
Time after time, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and his associates have announced that U.S. banks are “out of the woods” and “gaining strength.”
The truth is, the FDIC has a list of banks on the brink and that list is growing by leaps and bounds. But the FDIC refuses to reveal the names of those banks. Those names are THE best kept secret in the financial world.
That’s why, 24 years ago, my company began issuing objective safety ratings on 13,000 banks and thrifts: To NAME the banks in trouble and give you the truth you need to protect your hard-earned money.
We never grade on a curve. If a company is weak, we say so. Immediately. No delays and no sugarcoating. And we name the strong banks that ARE worthy of your trust.
Our independence and our objectivity help explain why we have accurately identified the weakness of nearly all banks that subsequently failed in the last 23 years.
This is why Esquire magazine says Weiss is “the one company [that] … provides financial grades free of any conflict of interest.”
So the critical question is,
what do the WEISS RATINGS say
about the health of U.S. banks today?
Better hang onto your hat: We count at least 14 giant U.S. banks that are vulnerable to this crisis.
They include Bank of America … Citibank … Wells Fargo … SunTrust … Regions Bank … Capital One … and more!
And that’s only the giant banks! Altogether, more than 2,000 U.S. banks and thrifts are on our current list of WEAKEST BANKS.
And now, with mortgage defaults still soaring and with Congress in no mood to bail out the banks a second time, many of those banks are vulnerable to the next phase of this crisis.
This is dead serious: If your bank fails, even if it’s bailed out or taken over by the FDIC, you could miss out on promised interest income. Plus, you could also lose access to your lines of credit, and suffer other serious expenses and inconveniences.
Worse: If you own the bank’s stocks, bonds, or debentures, or if you have deposits not insured by the FDIC, you could suffer substantial losses.
For these reasons, I strongly recommend that you take these critical self-defense steps immediately …
FIRST, make sure your bank is NOT on our list of VULNERABLE BANKS. I’ll invite you to claim a free copy of this list in a moment.
Step two is to move your money to a bank that has earned a spot on our list of America’s safest banks. Also in a moment, I’ll offer you our Safest Bank List and even give you the rating on the bank you’re using now, all for free.
Third, be sure to cleanse your investment portfolio of our low-rated bank stocks. These are stocks that are likely to crash and burn when the banking crisis returns.
Fourth, I strongly recommend that you USE weakness in America’s financial sector to go for double-digit gains with funds you’ve allocated for growth. In your free guide, for instance, we’ll introduce you to the ETF that’s likely to soar at least 60%, even if the banking industry’s woes are no worse than the last time around.
And, if you’re more adventurous, you can go for EVEN LARGER GAINS using funds you can play with. Right now, for instance, you can buy a bet on further declines in the U.S. financial sector for just $51. And if you time it right, you could walk away with a gain of 364.7%!
Every $10,000 you invest would be worth $46,470!
We give you the details on all of these investments in your FREE copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2017-2018.
The U.S. stock market is now
as vulnerable as a toy balloon
in a room full of RAZOR BLADES!
Now, you certainly don’t need a Ph.D. in economics to figure out what all this means for the U.S. stock market:
With Washington’s $14 trillion debt and $1.7 trillion deficit
on the verge of imploding …

With states like California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York nearly in financial ruin …

With the entire housing and construction industry locked in the savage jaws of a killer real estate depression …

With more than 2,000 banks vulnerable to this crisis …

With the U.S. Federal Reserve flooding the world with newly created dollars, and …

With leaders all around the globe demanding that the dollar be replaced as the world’s reserve currency …
There’s never been a time when it was more critical for you to watch your portfolio like a hawk!
Mark my words: This may be the only warning you get. When the first domino falls, it will be TOO LATE to protect your wealth. And that first domino could fall, quite literally, at any moment.
Nobody knows for sure which straw will break the camel’s back. It could be another explosive revolution in the Middle East.
It could be the sudden default of a major state or city.
It could be the announcement that the dollar has been replaced as the world’s reserve currency.
But there is one thing you CAN be sure of:
Those who fail to shore up their defenses now could suddenly find themselves much poorer soon.
Here again, self-defense is critical: Start by selling every stock that’s vulnerable! We’ll show you which ones they are in your free emergency guide. In fact, we’ll give you our complete list of ALL major U.S. stocks with the weakest ratings.
Next, I recommend that you raise as much cash as you can and then hold that cash in the contrarian investments we name in your free emergency investment guide.
One of those is gold — and an easy way to buy gold is with an exchange-traded fund that owns nothing but gold (GLD).
Also in your FREE copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012, we’ll give you the investments that are specifically designed to make you at least $1, $2 or even $3 richer for every $1 decline in the most vulnerable stocks.
We also name the investments that could multiply your money when the S&P declines — investments that could make you 100% richer if the decline comes in two years … 134.4% richer if it happens in the next 12 months … and 155.4% if the market collapses in the next six months.
And still all this is only a mere taste of what’s awaiting you in your FREE copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012.
In fact, without this timely survival guide, I’d go so far as to say that …
Your money is in greater danger now
than at any time in the past 50 years.
This sober, eye-opening analysis of the economy and the investment markets could save you from losing at least HALF your wealth in the months ahead.
And what’s more, the investments we recommend could help you pile up more money in the next two years than you did in the last twenty!
The simple truth is, our warnings could have more than doubled your money in Phase I of this crisis. If you had heeded our recommendations then, you could have been safely OUT of stocks and IN things that soar when stocks sink!
Like the special ETFs that soared 51% … 76% … up to 99% and more even as the S&P 500 declined.
And you could have done even better with your speculative funds, as the companies we named as candidates for failure toppled over like dominoes.
Take Lehman, for instance: If you had bought a particular limited-risk, long-term vehicle when we warned that the company would fail, you could have grabbed a gain of 244.8%! More than a TRIPLE!
And following the same strategy, you could have grabbed even LARGER gains when WaMu failed. And also when Wachovia bit the dust, when Citigroup went down in flames, and when Bear Stearns crashed and burned.
Of course, you can’t go back in time to reap those gains now, and nor can I. But you don’t have to — because we see even greater opportunities ahead!
In a nutshell, The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012 could literally mean the difference between financial success and failure for you — but only IF you heed its urgent warnings and act on them — IMMEDIATELY.
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The Great American Apocalypse
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If you had heeded our warnings about the housing bust and credit crisis, you could have GROWN your wealth
even as other investors lost everything:
Look: I know the warnings in this report are extreme. And I know that many people will be tempted to dismiss them.
Even though economic meltdowns of this magnitude have hammered other countries through history, most folks believe, “It could never happen here.”
But please bear in mind: Our warnings have been spot on at every major turning point of this crisis …
Now, I’m warning you once again:
A great American Apocalypse is upon us.
Millions of trusting Americans who accept the hype coming from Washington and Wall Street at face value — who actually believe that “the worst is behind us” — are about to lose everything.
If you heed this solemn warning and take the steps we detail in your FREE copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012, you stand an excellent chance of coming through this crisis much richer than you are now.
More than that: You stand an excellent chance of declaring your own personal bull market in 2011 and BEYOND!
I sincerely hope you weren’t among the victims of the stock crash of 2007-2009. But even if you were, there’s no sense crying over spilt milk. The question you have to answer now is: What do you do TODAY?
In turbulent times like these, my mission as the founder of Weiss Research is to help you keep growing your wealth as fast as you could be — as you SHOULD be — all with today’s safest, highest-potential investments.
And your FREE copy of The Great American Apocalypse of 2011-2012, plus your three other emergency guides, give them to you!
This should be a remarkably easy decision for you to make. Just click on the button below right now, so you can download instantly your four free investment guides.
And so we can give you a rating right now on your bank, your insurance company, your stocks, ETFs and your mutual funds.
You’ll feel better, and from now on, you’ll sleep better and grow your wealth faster.
Let me hear from you right away.

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