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We Can Guarantee that you have NEVER Experienced this type of Program in your life! On-Site Crisis Management Like You Have Never Seen Before!

Western Capital is a company that serves a very unique niche market. We are simply put… Crisis Managers.  We are the guys that you call when you get the word that you are going to be indicted, and you have no desire to discuss the matter over dinner with your wife. We are the guys who you call when you find out that you are the subject of an SEC Investigation. We are the ones you call when you find out that some of those “questionable” dealings from the past, pop up and NBC Television or CNN is Calling.  The bottom line is that we are the sharks that protect YOU! Look, we have a very different way of viewing your problems.

If the problem can be resolved with money, that is a no-brainer, however, if your issue means that you could end up on Federal Prison, that is a completely different matter. Now, remember, we are not your attorney’s, we could care less about what happened. We are not here to point blame, and by all means we are not here to judge you. We are not a Mother Theresa run organization. Our team is lead by Robert Paisola, a member of the media, and our CEO (see )  and we understand what you are going through.  If it is the IRS, Governmental Abuse, SEC Issues, Accusations by others that would tank your world.. we are your guys. We come from a debt collection background. We are trained in high level negotiation strategies.  And we win!  (For those of you that even care… WE ARE NOT ATTORNEY’S.  Why?  This is what the American Bar Association Says a Barred Attorney MUST DO    No, we want nothing to do with all of those ethical responsibilities.  We choose out of that game… but we have some pretty ferocious people who represent our clients if needed, and they are PAID BY MY TEAM… AND DO WHAT WE SAY!

Rob, My Matters are Purely Financial…

Easy Stuff. Who better to deal with people who you owe that a bunch of former debt collectors?

Western Capital has pioneered methods that enable debtors to satisfy creditors while retaining the cash flow necessary to stay in business and recover.

Western Capital and it’s CEO, Robert Paisola have helped hundreds of businesses get out of debt legally. We have millions of dollars to creditors (just like the ones you owe) annually. Western Capital bridges the financial gap between a struggling businesses and their creditors. If a creditor calls you, you simply transfer them to us!  I can not stress the value of having us as a third party do this for you. They are not willing, nor able to play games with us… because we have done the same things.

With the help many experienced credit professionals, we have developed a unique and systematic method for satisfying creditors with affordable installments that you determine. Our On Site Program will deeply analyze each client’s financial condition in order to structure the best available program that not only meets your needs, but also the needs of your creditors.

Our strategies for securing assets (CALLED ASSET PROTECTION) will often deter creditors and their pit-bull attorneys from proceeding with additional collection activities and will increase the motivation to settle. No longer will aggressive creditors have the ability to exhaust a debtor’s resources. And we will free up your staff’s time of answering calls that are impairing your ability to make money. The collection Calls go to us! Call 1-800-373-8913 or 702-704-4074 NOW, and lets talk!

Since this is a very unique service and getting out from under the mess that has been created over time, We highly recommend that Robert Paisola and and associate spend at least one week at your location. He will work with your people and review all of the facts and figures to come up with a “game plan”. It will require the full attention of the CEO and the entire management team to make this happen, but one thing we can tell you is that we understand how is to be the day before payroll and be 30K short. Many people believe that the methods that we use to protect you and your company are aggressive….

Well they are! We are paid to PROTECT YOU and YOUR COMPANY! And believe us when we say that we have seen it all. The good news is that we rarely deal with your attorneys. They get paid to CHURN DOCUMENTS. We do not play the game that way. Call Robert and he will explain how it all works. The collectors who are after you and causing you to have sleepless nights will regret the day they met us. Just think about this… Who else can possibly be better at dealing with creditors and collection attorneys and agencies, than another collector. That is where the game ends. That is where your stress ends. We also understand the importance of keeping your important supply lines open with certain priority creditors. If a debtor includes creditors that are vital to the business, we will make every effort to ensure that an ongoing relationship is part of the settlement. Basically this is the “communication side” of the workout. That will be done at your offices most of the time. When we are finished working with you, You will have no question as to the amount of money Your Company needs weekly to stay afloat, because the monthly cash requirement is predetermined based on our analysis of your companies financial condition. By converting short-term debt into manageable long-term payouts, we can increase your immediate cash flow NOW!

I do not want this to sound like a sales pitch, so lets listen to a call that I personally had with the Internal Revenue Service for a client.  Let me set the stage.. He arrived at his office on a Monday morning and the IRS had frozen ALL of the money in his account. They said he “Failed to file” and simply placed a lien against his money.  We got the call (because of this web site) and all hell broke loose.  Lets listen to how WE turned the tables on the “Dreaded IRS” and got our clients money back.  Was the money due?  Who cares? That is not our business. So, grab a drink and listen to what you are getting when you have us on your side!  (Click this link and it will take 4 minutes to download … it is worth the wait.  And then burn a CD for each of your buddies!)

Robert Paisola, CEO and President, Western Capital International



Rob, My Issues are so serious I could GO TO JAIL…

ENOUGH SAID… Stop and call me now, Rob, now on my cell at 702-219-3624 or email EMERGENCY@MYCOLLECTOR.COM (4-2017 Las Vegas NV)  I will take the next flight out (I am based in Las Vegas)