A Short Resume for Industry Robert Paisola 2019-2020

Robert Paisola
Having the Ability to move your Company to Next level, using what you have created!
Las Vegas, NV 89109
7252511356 or 1-800-373-8913 x702

I am looking for an opportunity to spread my wings. I want to align myself with a company who sees the value in having someone assist in using the assets you have developed and increase net cash in your pocket. I am a visionary, I am organized, I have the knowledge and I can sell like no other. We are in a Billion Dollar Construction Economy in Las Vegas and YOU deserve your share! Let’s Talk! Text Me ASAP and I will call you back! Also, check out the linked in profile link below. This will give you a really strong idea of who I am.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer Work Experience

Senior Vice President
VP Development – Commercial Painting – Las Vegas, NV April 2017 to Present

This assignment taught me a lot. It became very obvious that as we attempted to move this company to another level, we were unable to produce results for our clients in the commercial sector as the financial requirements to do the jobs we not able to be funded by the owner. We ended up being stuck in a rut of doing hundreds of jobs for 3000-5000 and the 900k jobs simply slipped through our hands, as the owner would not pre bond, completion bond or sign contracts with Layton Construction, The State of Nevada and the jobs from SAM.GOV. We took this company to the highest point possible, including setting up business credit lines and establishing an 80 PAYDEX with Dunn And Bradstreet.

If you have a Full C4 with a reasonable limit, and want to move your company to the top, let’s talk.

VP, Western Capital International Venture Capital – Vegas Painting Division – Las Vegas, NV June 2014 to Present

Western Capital is a diverse financial organization. We are the experts of taking businesses from where they are currently financially and retool and increase revenue.

I just finished a project with a Las Vegas Based Construction/ C4 Painting Company and was able to work side by side with the CEO to develop a solid team of employees to not only bid on jobs but go head to head with the leaders in the industry. I found that I was able to move the revenue cycle based on focusing on what the license permitted. Most Nevada Painting Companies hold a Nevada C4 license. We have figured how to take all the work you have done and move your business to the next level. Consumer and Residential Painting and Repainting represents only 17.65 percent of the possible revenue to your company. If you have a C4 or Class A or B license, there is no question that we need to talk.

We realize that you have gotten your company to where it it by being good at what you do. If you have the license, the backing, and the DESIRE to take advantage of this Billion Dollar Market in Las Vegas, I want to join your team.

Going on Job Walks, preparing costing and budgets and working SIDE BY SIDE with you as a CEO or Manager, I can walk beside you to success.

I have sold sold millions of dollars in jobs. I am the best. I have connections. I want to work with you. I am amazing with maximizing your web and adwords presence. With me there is no learning curve. I just need someone to sit down and figure out how I can help your organization.


Bachelor’s in Business Administration
Brigham Young University-Provo – Provo, UT
September 1986 to June 2002


Employee Management and Job Management, Supplier Price Negotiations, Ability to maintain Constant Cash Flow in all areas, Web Site Development and Marketing and Gaining High Ratings, Top of the
Top Sales Trainer, Motivator, Author, Mentor and CEO Frontman, Call Center Management (10+ years), Painting Estimator (10+ years), Director of Government Compliance (10+ years), Published Author on Sales and Motivation (10+ years), Debt Collection Portfolio Manager (10+ years), Late Stage Debt Buyer/ Investor (10+ years), Real Estate Investing Expert (10+ years), Painting, Lawsuit Damage Mitigation (10+ years), Senior Management Skills (10+ years), Venture Capitalist (10+ years), Executive Director (10+ years), Business Strategy (10+ years), Business Owner (10+ years), Operations Management (10+ years)


Additional Information

I am looking to work based in Las Vegas. I worked for Trump University in the past and traveled all over the nation. I am willing to consider offsite work, if you have a part of your organization that is not
based in Vegas but needs serious help. I prefer to only report to the Board of Directors or CEO. I am not looking for Insurance or Financial Products Sales


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